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8/5 – Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting – my thoughts

Posted by livin on August 13, 2012

Today sitting in the Gurdwara while I was remembering the event that shocked the Sikhs & Non Sikhs alike – 8/5 Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting – I was pondering over a broader question. Who is to blame ?

What wrong had those innocent people done who died that morning ? They were in the place of worship doing service. Why were they chosen to die this way ? Is God fair ?

I have always heard & believed in that yes, God is Fair indeed. But they how do we justify what happened on 8/5.

Well it can never be justified & if we are asking the question “What wrong had they done that they were killed while doing service?” & the question “Is God fair ?” – we will never be able to answer these.

Instead, a better perspective would be to tell yourself that “Tu Samrath Vada, Meri Mat Thori Raam” – Your ways, your deeds are beyond my imagination – The Unfathomable God – I cannot understand you  – I cannot understand why you did what you did. I don’t have the knowledge or wisdom to understand your events. All I can have is the perspective “Tera Kiya Meetha Laage” – Whatever you do, I accept it – the perspective of acceptance.

How can you justify 300+ people killed in an earthquake in Iran today. Nobody can justify – all we can do is acceptance.

Acceptance is just the starting point. We need to accept what happened, take the learnings from the 8/5 incident, engage, empower the community & the nation & move on.

Accept. Learn. Engage. Empower. Enrich. Thrive.

My 2 cents,

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