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What a Shame. !

Posted by livin on May 20, 2012


Happened to attend a B’day party today. Going to share my experience from the party.

Got a call in the morning for a b’day party of somebody known to my wife’s family friend’s distant relative. So pretty much no direct connection. One of my wife’s aunts had flown in from east coast. So went there to meet her.

The bday party was of 2 kids who turned 1. Twins – a boy & a girl ! It was a big deal considering the context in which the babies were born last year. When the mother entered her third month, she was diagnosed with throat tumor. Doctors had given up saying choose either the babies or the mother. But somehow, it worked out & all 3 survived & are thriving, though the mother stills goes for her chemo. And today was their 1st b’day party. So, obviously a big celebration.

But, my objection was the manner in which the bday party was done. A nice decent looking Sikh family. On one side, on the stage they were giving “Saropas” to the kids & the parents. And on the back side, was Whiskey ! Saropa & Sharab on the same platform. What a shame guys. !

And then as expected, decent looking, respectable Sikh men of respectable age, drinking & dancing cheap on the dance floor on item songs. What Sardari are you showing here. !

Today, i understood, why Sikhs are a matter of fun & joke among everyone. They are nobody else to blame but themselves. Talli ho ke jo cheap harkatan kitian sardarji ne, was hard & painful to see….

To all my Sikh friends & Sikh people … YOU were born to be different, different than the world. Show it in your actions. Please take up responsibility for your actions & sikhi nu ini cheap taran, pee ke na gavao.

Join me today in this motto: “A Sikh doesn’t drink”.


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