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Vocal Variety

Posted by livin on June 14, 2010

I gave my 6th speech from the CC manual of Toastmasters today. Here’s a copy of the speech as-i-delivered-it. Hope you enjoy it:

Project 6: Honeymoon Blues

Honey, where should we go for our honeymoon? Should we go to Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives, Manali, Munnar or Mysore? This was my question to my fiancée after I failed to decide on my own even after doing 10 days of 24×7 extensive research on the history, geography, civics & economics of all these places. She shot back & said, “Let’s go to Malaysia”, and I was stunned. Here was a girl, who couldn’t on her own decide which color suited her better, or did that dress look good on her, or should she buy sandals with high heels or long boots. And in whiff of a second, she decided “Malaysia”.

Mr. Toastmaster & my dear friends,

I asked her further, “Honey, How did you decide on Malaysia so quickly?” “Well, I want to go to the topmost floor of Twin towers in Kuala lumpur.” And, I asked, “And push you from there, you dumb ass”.  I realized, I asked one question too many.

But this got me thinking about the decision making process itself. What I was following was analytical, logical, deliberative approach where you collect all the data points, map them into a 10×10 matrix & then follow a decision tree to converge on a decision. And what my fiancée used was an intuitive, gut based approach where you follow your heart, your intuition & the answer feels just right to you.

As they say, Devil lies in the details. And here the devil for me was the cost. Even after revising my budget 4 times, I still couldn’t buy tickets in a budget airline or book a budget hotel in Malaysia. Should I fly by Malaysian airlines or Air Asia? Air Asia is cheap but unreliable & Malaysian airlines is expensive but on time, more reliable airlines. I asked her, why do we have a choice in this world? Why everything has pros & cons? Why can’t we have everything in an all inclusive package and that too for free? She replied, “For that, you should go to bed & sleep because that can happen only in dreams & not in reality.”

Decision making is a constant struggle between your heart & mind. Your heart “feels” that this is a right thing to do but your mind is always bothered by thoughts like “isn’t that too expensive?”, “what will people say? “Will I look good?”

Like when we were deciding on which hotel to book in Malaysia, I felt that Hotel Goodtime looked really nice & we will have a gala time there, but my mind was doing cost benefit analysis. But when your priority is to have a quality time with your partner & especially when it’s your honeymoon, mind takes a back seat.

But that day, when she flew to Bangalore to meet me, my mind didn’t take a back seat but went into overdrive & pulled off a stunner. She wanted to have candle light dinner at a calm place. She suggested “Royal Orchid”, “Leela”, “Zuri”, “Windsor Manor” among others. I looked into my pocket & said sure, why not & took her to “Mayura Sagar” which is just next to my house. It was raining heavily & was very dim there too the only difference being that it was not a candle but a zero watt bulb. But the love in my heart blew away all the fire in her head & made that a perfect romantic dinner.

Sooner or later, husbands become dumb after marriage & I am no way an exception to that rule & hence I decided to become one before marriage itself.  To decide each & everything related to my honeymoon, I would go to The searches would be something like this: “Where should I go for my honeymoon” & the result would show me a picture of dabur honey & the map of moon. I realized I am not the only dumb person on this earth, is dumber than me.

I don’t find myself alone in this sea of indecisiveness. I am swimming alongside William Shakespeare who once famously said “To be or not to be– that is the question”. I really wonder where Shakespeare would have gone for his honeymoon. But to overcome my indecisiveness, what I need is a device similar to iphone or ipad, a device called “idecide”, a device which can decide everything for me. Can you tell me from where can I get that device?

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