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Your Body Speaks

Posted by livin on May 31, 2010

I gave my 5th speech from the CC manual of Toastmasters today. Here’s a copy of the speech as-i-delivered-it. Hope you enjoy it:

Project 5: Swimming

How do you feel taking off your shirt in front of a group of people ? How about taking off your pants too. ! Pretty awkward, right ? How would you feel if the group of people consisted of a few men, women & kids. What if the women were young & beautiful ? I know some of you with 6 packs would die at such an opportunity but not me.

If I will ever have to take my shirt off, I would go into a dark corner of my room, triple check that the door is locked, from inside, curtains are properly done, lights are off & only then take off my shirt. Not that I have anything special to hide but it’s just that I am too shy. Once my 6 years old niece caught me doing this & asked “chachu, why do you change your shirt like this. What are you hiding ?”. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

It was exactly how I felt on that Sunday morning when I was standing, no, hiding in the group of people besides the swimming pool of my apartment complex. & I saw the coach standing on the aisle of the pool, naked, i.e with his shorts ON, standing erect & then diving into the pool. Wow. ! what a dive that was. He jumped in the air & then with his back bending beautifully creating a curve in the air , he splashed into the water, like a dolpin. I was mesmerized with the beauty of that dive. & then I felt a thump of my back & my “swimming mate” was telling me to take off my shirt. With all kinds of protruding bellies around me, I felt at ease & exposed mine & then rushed to cover myself with water & jumped in the pool.

Ouch. ! the water of cold. Ohooooo ohooooo it’s so cold. But then suddenly, the coldness of water withdrew away & I felt I was in a heap of cotton. I have never been surrounded by such a massive body of water even though the swimming pool was just 5 feet deep & 20 metres long but still it was massive, for me, atleast. Friends, I must tell you that feeling in the water was awesome when I filled in my breath, went completely into the water, let me body loose & my body started floating. There was no tension in my body, all stress gone, I was feeling feather light, totally relaxed & I felt my body was nonexistent. There I was in my purest of forms floating on a bed of water. It’s an amazing experience.

In the subsequent sessions I learnt freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, under water swimming. Learning so many things to do in water was simply fun.

I was told that swimming is a great exercise & helps reduce weight & belly both. Swimming surely was a great & refreshing exercise. So refreshing that it would leave me feeling hungry like I hadn’t eaten for days. Result: I ate double than I used to & u know what didn’t reduce. Also, swimming has great effects. It can increase the size of a human being. Don’t believe me. See my size increased – in width.

How can I forget that night. It was 8 pm, a full moon in the sky. I came from office & was very tired. Let’s go swimming, I thought.  Yes, a great idea. It was beautiful weather outside , star lit sky & a full moon. I took off my shirt & noticed someone in the pool. As I lowered myself in the pool, I observed, it was one of those young & beautiful girls in the pool. I couldn’t believe my luck, there I was, swimming with a girl in the same pool. O my god. ! I was so excited. In the next 30 minutes, I don’t know if I did a  single movement. I was plain dumbstruck with the idea that I was sharing the same pool with a girl even though I was in one corner & she another 20 meters apart.

Learning swimming has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has given my legs a space to kick around, my arms a space of move, & my mind, a space to dream. I will conclude this speech by sharing one such dream. One night, after swimming for 4 hours, I saw a dream. I am standing in the balcony of my 8th floor apartment & I feel the urge to swim. I take off my shirt, jump a little high & then dive from the 8th floor. I start kicking with my legs, flap my arms & start swimming .. no… flying, like a bird in the open air & the whole world to explore…

8 Responses to “Your Body Speaks”

  1. LATHA said

    Nice speech. I feel that the length of the speech can be a bit more as the above speech might have finished in 4 or 4.30 min

  2. Salini Kumar said

    That was “the best” humorous speech.Keep going Mr.President 🙂
    Don’t share such incidents with your wife.It will land u into soup.

  3. Vinutha said

    Woah ! Hilarious !
    I can imagine how humorous it would have been while you were delivering it . Keep it going !! I think u shud give dis speech sometime at Smedz 🙂

  4. livin said

    thanks Vinutha. I am glad that you liked it. Catching up on my projects haan. !

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