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The Ice Breaker

Posted by livin on April 30, 2010

I gave my first speech from the CC manual of Toastmasters in mid July last year. Here’s a copy of the speech as-i-delivered-it. Hope you enjoy it:

Project 1: Ice Breaker

Mr. /Madam Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters & Honorable guests,

Good Afternoon,

This is my first speech, The Icebreaker. This is the speech where I will talk about myself.  So let me introduce myself to all of you.

I am Chetandeep Singh. Is it true? Ok. I don’t know about it myself, but my parents gave me this name and everybody else calls me by this name. So I should say, my name is Chetandeep Singh. But since the objective of this speech is to introduce you to me and not to my name, let me try to introduce myself.

So, Who am I? Let us ponder over this question for sometime & try to find out, if we can.

In my present form, I began my journey on a tiny planet of a tiny solar system of a tiny galaxy of this incredibly huge Universe at some point of time which humans mark as October 1982 A.D. The significance of that seemingly insignificant moment of time is immense. I got a vehicle called “body” to survive in this world.

I grew up at a place called Jalandhar in Punjab. My parents were in a Government job. I am the younger of 2 sons. I did my schooling from Jalandhar. Did my B.Tech Comp Science from REC Jalandhar. Started my career with Aricent, moved on to Aperto Networks, & now at Cisco.

But why? Why I was born to parents to whom I was born? Why i was born in Jalandhar & not San Jose. Why did i study computer engineering and not economics even though I have a lot of interest in Finance & Economics?  Why i am at Cisco & Why am i addressing you people today? And why only you & not even one more or one less. These are questions to which even I don’t have an answer. But more importantly, I want to introduce me to you.

I have enjoyed a privileged life. I didn’t have a Mercedes or a BMW when I was a kid. Nor do I have it today. But the very fact, that I can see, hear, smell, taste & speak make me feel privileged when I think of those who can’t. I don’t eat at the Leela’s or Taj’s or Oberio’s but the fact that I get to eat 3 meals a day make me feel satisfied when I think of those who sleep hungry. Why I am privileged & why many are underprivileged? These are questions to which even I don’t have an answer. But more importantly, I want to introduce me to you.

Two years ago, I bought a house in Bangalore but the mistress is yet to come. Buying a house left me in monetary debt for next 20 years. But there is a much bigger debt which I am trying to settle for past I don’t know how much time. That is the Karmic debt. Daily I do good things & bad things, creating & paying my Karmic Debt. When will God bestow his grace unto me & my Karmic Debt get over & when I will be free. These are questions to which even I don’t have an answer. But more importantly, I want to introduce me to you.

I have desires, goals & ambitions. I also want to be rich, travel abroad, have a successful career, a great family, and a big bungalow. But will these materialistic things give me inner satisfaction & happiness. I know the answer this time. But more importantly, I want to introduce me to you.

To introduce myself, I should know about myself. This is my limitation. The fact is that I am a work in progress & I am trying to discover myself. To give you a glimpse, I can say, I am a soul, who is on a journey on the path of evolution. I have changed many forms ranging from stones to plants to animals & now I am in a human form. I don’t know what the next one will be. But the future is full of hope. The wise men say, “Your reap what you sow”. I was never born & I will never die. I will only progress & discover myself in every form. And I am very hopeful. One day, I will be able to introduce myself.

–          Mr./ Madam Toastmaster


3 Responses to “The Ice Breaker”

  1. government jobs are still the best when it comes to job security .”-

  2. ,-” I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information ;;`

  3. Vill du tillverka fler besökare? Söka in vår part närvarande förut mer info….

    […]The Ice Breaker « Love – Life – Living[…]…

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