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Amazing.. !

Posted by livin on March 1, 2010

Wow. ! Amazing. ! I am surprised to see the date of my last entry. 22nd Sept 2008. Crazy. What have been i been doing all this time? More importantly, where have I been? Well, the world has changed for me in past 1.5 years.

Let me recapitulate the happenings in my life (in no particular order) :-

1. You see in my previous blog entry that i bought Nokia E51. Well, that E51 is dead now & i upgraded to E71. Significant ? Not really. Ok that was just to make way for what is coming next.

2. In one of my previous posts, i vented against V-day (well, i did not vent but my fiancé says, it looks like venting). The irony is that I got engaged on 14th Feb twenty ten. And it was a chosen date. 🙂 Well, i guess, now i have a real reason to celebrate V-Day & not just give in to hype & hoopla. ! So you get the news, right… I got engaged. ! And now i am in the golden period of my life.

3. I hopped around & between 2008 & 2010, this is my third company. I work for Cisco Systems, one of the greatest companies in the world. Welcome to Human Network. !

4. I am a Toastmaster ( And President at that. Well, yours truly is President, Cisco Vani Toastmasters club at Bangalore. Toastmasters has really been one of the best things that has happened to me in past 1 year. You will read more about my journey in Toastmasters (which has just begun) in the coming posts.

All in all, I feel, my life has taken many new turns in past 1.5 years. Cisco, Toastmasters, Engagement has put me on the highway of life. !

See you soon in subsequent posts.

Love you all,


One Response to “Amazing.. !”

  1. ashmeet said

    great entry…love u!!!

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