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The Beast – TB (Tera Byte)

Posted by livin on September 22, 2008


Latest addition to my gizmos – Seagate FreeAgent 1TB – Classic Desktop Drive

Finally I bought it. I was thinking about this one for quite some time now. Is that true ? Not really. I wasnt thinking about buying 1TB drive. But I was surely bothered by my data lying scattered at 4 different places ( 2 IDE’s, 1 mobile drive, my laptop, and pen drive). I was surely looking for a solution – storage solution.


Seagate 1 TB Classic Desktop Drive

Seagate 1 TB Classic Desktop Drive

I looked at 

Western Digital – My book versions – some of them have RAID support too but were equally expensive.

Maxtor – One touch 4 plus  – has a cool backup software.

Seagate – FreeAgent Pro – Firewire ports & Advanced backup software

Transcend – Portable 320 GB drive

Seagate – FreeAgent 1TB Classic Desktop drive.

I also considered NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions but i guess those have to wait for now.

Finally i chose the product that offered maximum capacity and at a lowest price & that was Seagate FreeAgent 1TB Classic Desktop drive. It cost me a heavy 10,500 Rs.

But then these drives have a big big disadvantage. They are not so portable drives. And require external power for operation. To ward off against the power blues, i.e voltage fluctuations and electricity cuts, I bought an accessory to support my 1TB beast …. APC 500 KVA UPS.

Infact, APC is good looking and very smart. It has nice, neat and no nonsense looks + it has 2 separate sections Surge Protection & Battery plus Surge Protection. Also in the Surge Protection area, i do not need to switch the UPS ON and still it completes the circuit if anything is plugged into. That means I can plug in my computer based TV, Printer etc into the surge protection area and need not switch my UPS ON for these devices to work.




I worked around 7 hours continously with the beast and it worked without generating any noise or heat. 

Though the software that comes with the drive left a lot to be desired. It has backup option which is quite simple but is minimalistic to say the least. It doesnt backup hidden files & folders. No option to schedule a shutdown after the backup is complete. I am sure, as i use it more, i will find many more features that are missing in the software.

All in All, a good buy and a good experience & for the statisticians, my drive is 77% empty as of now. ! It should serve me a long time. ! Why not? TB is not a small denomination. !



2 Responses to “The Beast – TB (Tera Byte)”

  1. How’s it going with the Drive? 10.5 seems a good price to me

  2. More Info said

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