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V for…

Posted by livin on February 13, 2008

‘V’ for Vendetta… nahi.. V ‘for Valentines day…

ah… ! another V’day arrives. How is it different from the previous ones… or how it will be different from the coming ones….. one difference which is quite apparent is that it was not as commercialized as it is now and it will be even more commercialized in the coming years.

On an Economic front, Valentines day is a huge success and a boost to the economy… It falls under the category of “non essential” purchases. and the most consumers are young. As they say ” Tap into them now(young), and u capture their lifestyles for entire life… non essential purchases sometimes riding on bad credit… can lead economy into a plunge… but thats not the point here…

…but on the social/cultural front, it’s a disaster. Well, I am not a fundamentalist beating the drums of ‘Indian Culture spoiled by West’. But the point is different here.

Okay, The Idea… (Ideas are bulletproof… as V in Vendetta said)… “Love is a verb and not a noun”. Love and hence the act of showing love is based on actions and not on saying “I Love You” with a red rose in a perfect ambience.

Love is a feeling which can be and has to be expressed through out the year and not on a particular date. Why wait for 14th Feb to come and then in some sort of style express ur love.

The V day we celebrate is a overly marketed concept. It is based on hype, false notions, a concept well sold by companies to love deprived consumers.

In fact, Love is God. Love is a quality, feeling and emotion which is equivalent to God as God is nothing but an unconditional love. “Love thy neighbour (especially if she’s a girl :-), Love thy enemy and so on… and but a Truth…

Love is universal. No bars of caste, religion, age, gender… do we see this love flowing. No. Countries go to war, people suffer. There are millions of people marred by poverty, childern by malnutrition and million other ailments. All they need is our love. Through actions and not words. And not on V day but all around the year and years to come.

It’s not that if I had been on the other side of the fence (i.e had a girlfriend), i wudnt have these thoughts. I still wud have stood my ground but celebrate V day in some other way, If i had too….. That still can be done.. like the munna does in MunnaBhai MBBS by hugging a sweeper in the college.

In this age of ultra modernationisation, we have forgotten how to love (except on V day). We are having big bungalows (okay, say posh apartments), big cars, all kind of gadgets, but we donot speak to our neighbour, or friend because he once spoke rudely to me… Is this love or arrogance? Is this humility (the greatest of all virtues)? This is false ego, based on false notions and false love.

Love should be unconditional.. like “I love because I love you. There is no reason required to love”. and under whatsoever circumstances just like God who loves us under any condition.

As an uncle told me a quote… “Agar tu mujhe paana chahta he to mere bando se pyar kar…If you(human) want to achieve me(God), the only way is… love humankind”…

The true achievement on V day wud be when we shun our arrogance, false egos and love all the humans irrespective of the social status. And love not thru words but by actions.

Disclaimer: I donot ‘hate’ V day.. as it wud be against ‘Love’ and the spirit of Love.. Infact, I enjoy the mood although artificial created by the people around me.



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