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Here I come… back…

Posted by livin on December 5, 2007

Well, this is supposed to be my comeback post. To start with, I had almost forgotten that I owe a blog and i ought to write. May be i was busy…. infact, I may have been lazy in the beginning but then i almost forgot it… Infact, I was surprised to c a good blog that belongs to me.

Enough of mumbling, now the real points.

I c that the last post is “Dolphins, Penguins and Tortoise”. I shall give a quick review of the things in past 1 year, so that I can make a case for comeback… afterall this is a comeback post and a comeback…

1. It was a good trip… infact, i have this feeling that whenever i leave something behind, I tend to feel nostalgic (right word?) abt it… like, Italy trip was too good. I enjoyed that part of the world… weather, food(not exactly), ppl, sight seeing… lot of memories from that trip….. as in it was a first onsite trip and as in it was Italy… and Italy is special.. (why? 1st onsite? may be…) but also because it has great tourist spots to visit…. it was 70 days trip for the record…

2. Went again in March-April07 for 19 days… same place… same ppl… but it was short and good.

3. Switch is the word.. or rather was the word at time… and after some transitions… i land up in a hip and hot world of WiMAX.

WiMAX is really hot. Recently, Cisco acquired Navini. I am not the part of both but another competitor and company with quite a legacy..Aperto Networks. It’s a small engineering team but quite competitive and I am quite bullish about our products and future revenue generating deals…

So, thats where I am.. in Bangalore. in WiMaX.. thats where the future of data communications… broadband lies…

so it shud not be far when u r reading this on a WiMAX connection and that too on Aperto’s products…

I promise to keep you posted about WiMaX and a lots more that happening over this side of life….

for now.. its goodbye from me…. and i promise to write often….


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