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Dolphins, Penguins and Tortoise

Posted by livin on November 15, 2006

This sunday i visited Genova, a port city, very beautiful i must say. Excellent weather and a very cool city. The main attraction of the city: “Acquario di Genova”: A very big Acquarium, it reproduces a coastal atmosphere in 48 basins, four of which are oceanic and have two viewing levels.

It has seals, sharks, dolphins, penguins apart from countless other species, small and big. Very scenic, perfect place for photography, casual and professional both.

Do check out my “Genova” pics and Dolphin,Penguin, Tortoise movies.

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2 Responses to “Dolphins, Penguins and Tortoise”

  1. Karun said

    Pappe the link doesn’t works 😦 …corect it.

  2. Kunal said

    Good ones CD….After a long time visisted ur blog…And its looks even better now..Post more pics yaar!

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