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From Milano

Posted by livin on October 19, 2006

Hmmmm…. my first blog entry from ‘foreign’. Foreign not as in foriegn particle but from ‘Italy’ as a foriegn land.

Yes, I am in Milan(o). eggjactly in Vimercate, Milan, Italy (photo below).


It’s quite cold here as in 10-14 degrees C during the day. But during the night it drops down like a descending plane.

For the record, Stayed at a hotel (photo below) for the first 2 days.

Hotel EDO

Sunrise as from Hotel’s balcony. Sun rising here at 7:45 am. Dont know whether it will come out in Dec-Jan or will it simply freeezze.


Trying to learn Italian language. It’s fun to learn new languages. Already bought an Ingelese – Italian dictionary.

My blog entries will increase now, as i hope i wud get more time to write.

Until next time…


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Latest Accesory

Posted by livin on October 6, 2006

Recently i bought Sony Cybershot DSC-H2.

Here are some pics first and then some FAQ’s (my thoughts/experience)…

Pic 1: Looks 10/10

Sony H2_1

Pic 2: Controls – Good enough

Sony H2_2


1. It’s a Monster – both Looks wise and Performance wise. Very bulky – but yes, it has a substantial existence in ur hand.

2. Performance wise – awesome. I am not a expert in photography – so no technical stuff here. But performance what i have gauged in very dim light or total darkness is superb. Takes time to capture and process in ‘night mode’ + flash but pictures are of very high quality.

3. Decision to buy H2 – was a tough one. Actually the only thing against this camera (if u consider this as a disadvantage) is that its quite bulky, u have to think twice to take it to every place. But thats a different issue altogether. Then the disadvantage is not of the camera but of the mind perhaps….

4. Other choices i considered after making the final choice – Nikon S5, Canon Powershot S3IS, Sony DSC H5.

5. It cost me a substantial amount of money – but then every investment cost something. Did i say Investment – or Accessory – again depends on ur mind…

As they say – ‘Free your mind, Neo’


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