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New Celestial Order

Posted by livin on August 29, 2006

New Celestial Order

It has been (finally???) decided that Pluto is no longer a ‘planet’. Planets have been divided into 2 categories: Classical Planets (8) and Dwarf Planets (3..and counting).

Decision to boot out Pluto from the Planet’s category has met with stiff resistance from kids, school teachers and even from renowned ppl in the scientific community.

It took 10 days and voting at last in the recent meet of International Astronomical Union(IAU) to strip off the pluto from its planet’s tag.
If u ask me, Am I Pluto Planet Pro, or Pluto Dwarf Planet Pro, i wud say “How does it matter??”. Pluto by any name is an icy round object.

That in turn gives rise to another question. Am I ” Chetandeep”? Had i been given any other name, i wud have been the same (minus the astro and numero aspects). Even today, if my name is Chetandeep, is the “life force/soul” inside me is referred to by the name “Chetandeep”. Silly questions?? Right…

Regarding Pluto, As somebody said…

“””Everyone agrees that there’s a round object out in space that we call “Pluto.” Nothing whatsoever about Pluto will change if it gets put on a “KBO” list instead of a “planet” list, just as nothing about tomatoes changed when we realized they should be on the “fruit” list instead of the “vegetable” list. Nor would it matter if we called it “Cindy.”

It is what it is, and it will be just fine no matter what we think of it.”””



2 Responses to “New Celestial Order”

  1. Kunal said

    My astrology has gone haywire due to this ;)…!!!

  2. Jas said

    Long time no post 😦 … for the record this is the not the Jaspreet Singh that left a comment on ur previous post…

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